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Compression Shorts with Groin Strap for High Hamstring injury treatment

High Hamstring treatment using Bio Skin Compression Shorts

All the benefits of performance compression Shorts along with added groin wrap.
  • The wrap may be adjusted to isolate compression for groin injuries.
  • Helps treat injuries of hip flexor and high hamstring

    Indications: Quad contusion, ischiocapsular strain, iliofemoral sprain, thigh strain, hip flexor strain
  • Compression Shorts Product Information and sizing


    Compression Shorts Application Instructions

    Bio Skin® should be applied to dry skin. Oils, lotions and perspiration will make the support harder to put on and will make it will feel as if it's sized too small. Dry the area of application before applying support. Take the support with both hands and stretch the top and bottom of the support two to three times. This helps to relax the material before its gets broken-in.

    IMAGE1. Bio Skin® shorts are very compressive. Stretch the leg openings vigorously, prior to application.

    2. Step into the shorts. Using both hands with thumbs against the thigh and hands extended, move hands down the lower leg, gathering the material. Pull shorts up, one leg at a time, until waistband is just above the knee.

    3. Repeat the procedure, pulling up shorts, until waistband is at crotch level.

    4. Once again, gather the material, and pull over buttocks one side at a time.

    5. Continue pulling up to waist level. Adjust for comfort.

    6. Bottom of shorts should fit about 2-3” above the knee. Shorts should fit snugly in the crotch.


    Applying the Cinch Strap

    1. Attach the cinch strap to the strip of fastener loop on the outside of the leg with the buckle forward.

    2. Wind the cinch strap around the leg, and through the buckle to the desired level of compression. Secure strap to the loop fastener.


    Applying the Groin Wrap

    1. Examine Groin Wrap and identify 1” hook fastener and 7” loop fastener.

    2. Sit on the edge of a chair. If wrapping the right leg*, hold 7” loop in left hand and place it (loop facing up) over your left pocket (hip area). Bring the wrap around back of waist till the 1” hook end is above the right leg.

    3. Drop the 1” hook end between your legs. Reach behind your right leg with your right hand and grab the 1” hook end. Stand up, bringing the wrap up and around the right thigh. Attach the 1” hook to the 7” loop.

    4. Adjust and equalize tension throughout the length of the groin wrap by sliding hands between wrap and shorts. Be careful to eliminate wrinkles and bunching of groin wrap.

    * Reverse process for left leg


    Compression Shorts Product Information and sizing


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